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Please Note:

Student Travel Insurance Registration System – will be closed :

  • from 0.01 hours on Thursday 24 Dec 2018
  • to 24.00 hours Sunday 3 Jan 2019, inclusive.

Accordingly, no system generated “reminders” will be issued to Initial or Final Staff Approvers, to process current unprocessed Applications during this time.

  • Students should register their travel AT LEAST 7 University BUSINESS DAYS – before their Departure Date (from Australia), and that
  • ALL Registrations NOT fully processed BEFORE 12.01 am on Date of Departure (from Australia) are “EXPIRED” and LOCKED OUT by the System

Unfortunately, The University of Melbourne is not authorised –

  • to process and subsequently issue Travel Insurance for any Student
  • on, or after, the actual Departure Date (from Australia) of their proposed journey (regardless of the actual component of your travel that needs to be covered by UoM’s Student Travel Insurance Policy.)

Students who are not able to have their Travel Insurance Registration – approved – prior to their Departure Date (from Australia) – can purchase comprehensive insurance with "ACE Insurance" (at very competitive rates) – via the web-site link:

Use this system to register for your General (Non-Exchange) Travel and apply for the free Travel Insurance.

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